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There are only a few people that are can say they are World Champions, having won both the CBJJO Copa do Mundo and the CBBJ Mundial 2002.There are only a few people that are can say they are World Champions, having won both the CBJJO Copa do Mundo and the CBBJ Mundial 2002. On the Mat caught up with MArio Reis and we got a few world translated out of him for everyone. We also got a great fight of his from the CBJJO. This guys is a hot upcoming talent and his proformance showed.

OTM: Now that you have won both CBJJ and CBJJO how do they compare?MR: Technically they are equal. In Copa do Mundo the tough fighters are from Nova Uniao, while here the tough are from Gracie Barra. So you can share this because if you do not have one in your tournament, you have the other one. But I think that organization of CBJJ is better than CBJJO.

OTM: No one expected to see you wearing the Gold medals. Does this make the win that much more special for you?MR: Yes, it is better. I was debuting in black-belt and my opponents did not believe in my potential and this helped me to conquer both titles. I was a rookie! Do not underestimate the rookies! (laughs)

OTM: After conquering Copa do Mundo 2003 and Mundial 2003 you are the guy to be beat. How do you feel about that?MR: No pressure over my back, this will be an incentive to push me and to keep myself on the top.

OTM: Why did you leave BTT ?MR: I had a misunderstanding with one of BTT’s instructors. Then I resolved to leave. And, I came to the Winner/Behring Team because my friendship with Fabricio Werdum and because I wanted to learn the Behring’s style. These were the factors, which made me want to represent them.

OTM: Has your Jiu Jitsu developed a lot after you left?MR: Well, all BTT’s instructor came from Carlson Gracie, where the style is more focused on guard passing and using the strength and pressure. When I went to Behring Jiu Jitsu, which was formed by Helio Gracie, their Jiu Jitsu is technical and based on levers. I cannot say I am better than before, but both teams added a lot of tools in my actual game.

OTM: In which World Jiu Jitsu Championships do you feel you fought better?MR: My Jiu Jitsu game was on the peak in both because I think my Jiu Jitsu training in the academy was very hard both emotionally and physically. It was much harder than any Jiu Jitsu competition. My masters demand a lot of me in training and you could see the results, two World titles in two different Confederations.

OTM: Tell us about that triangle you got on Fredson Paixão.MR: That triangle left my legs very tired. I had gotten a injury in first fight of Copa do Mundo and I popped my two knees during that competition, so I arrived at the Mundial with injuries and during that triangle my knees pained a lot, but I think that my will overwhelmed my pain and I submitted him.

OTM: Which will be your next steps, NHB or Submission?MR: NHB no. I am all about peace and love and NHB sport is the opposite of that. NHB is for my instructors Werdum and Marcio Corleta who are tall and strong. I only like to watch NHB and not to compete. Speaking about Submission, my goal is to compete and to win ADCC. I had an invitation to compete this year but I could not because I was sick and I had some seminars marked in Spain, but I will look forward to compete in next event.

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