Mark Wahlberg Will Help Conor McGregor Out with UFC Ownership

In any business, they aren’t going to simply give you a stake in the company; even if you do deserve it.

Conor McGregor stated that he wanted a piece of the company pie shortly after making history by adding the Lightweight title to his mantle after knocking out Eddie Alvarez in the main event of UFC 205 (see it again here).

In fact, Conor stated that he won’t return to the cage unless his request is met.

But if the promotion is unwilling to oblige, Hollywood heavyweight Mark Wahlberg says he is willing to fork over a piece of his stake in the company to “Notorious,” as long as the Irishman “cuts the check.”

“Cut the check, baby. He’s got to cut the check. Everybody cuts a check if you want a piece,” Mark told TMZ Sports. “As a matter of fact, I will give him a piece of mine because you know he is the face of the UFC right now. But, also in business, you got to cut the check.”

Indeed, if Conor wants a piece of the profits, he has to fork over some of those millions in order to get in on it, just like a bevy of Hollywood stars did previously. Furthermore, Wahlberg says if Conor doesn’t take him on his offer, he envisions himself working with the Irishman down the line.

“You know what? He’s a hustler like me so there are probably a lot more opportunities out there for us to make and work together.”

For now, Conor won’t be doing much working — at least inside the cage — as he won’t return to action until the middle of next year as he gears up to welcome a new addition to his family.

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