Martial Arts Recovery supplement testimonial by Rafael Lovato Jr.

This is Rafael Lovato Jr. here.  I am busy training super hard for this year’s ADCC championship coming up in less than a month!  I wanted to let you guys know about my favorite supplement that I use and give you the opportunity to be able to train even harder.  This recovery supplement is the best out there!  It helps me recover super fast between work outs and it gives my body an overall healthier feeling.  I hardly ever get sick and injuries heal faster when I use MAR.  This is a supplement that Team Lovato has been using on a consistent basis for over 2 years!  My students Justin Rader (2010 Black Belt No-Gi World Champion, 2011 ADCC Competitor) and James Head (7-2 MMA record, current UFC fighter) use this supplement after every training session and they are hooked!  Check it out!

Today’s martial arts and mixed martial arts training demands serious recovery. While many products may boast of fast recovery, Martial Arts Recovery’s product line is the only one that has been proven over 10 years in the National Basketball Association. It has been used in numerous NCAA collegiate programs and in the 2000, 2004 & 2008 Olympic Games. It is efficient and delivers proper nutrients for maximum gains and recovery. It is safe and contains no herbal extracts or banned substances.

Martial Arts Recovery product line is led by the Nutri-Build product line. Nutri-Build is a safe, post-exercise dietary supplement containing a rich concentration of glutamine and the branch chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine in combination with a high glycemic carbohydrate system to promote rapid muscle recovery from intense training and or competition. Nutri-Build II contains glucosamine, a key nutrient for the enhancement of connective tissue and joint health, plus a comprehensive water soluble vitamin complex consisting of B vitamins and Vitamin C. Nutri-Build III and IV contain the same ingredients in a powder form, rather than capsule form, and also include 18 grams of highly efficient protein in each serving.



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