Masters of Grappling DVD Series, Vol 1

This is over 5 hours of instruction and action packed in this two DVD set for just $59.95!Features:

21 Hotshot SubmissionsTalgat Ilyasov’s Wrestling SecretsFast Finishes with Paulo GuimaraesLearn Glenn Zwiers’ Awesome Street FightingRigan Machado: Jiu Jitsu’s Master GrapplerFrank Shamrock’s Training SecretsJohn ‘The Rev’ Jensen: Fast Footlock TechniquesJohn B. Will & David Meyer: Mastering Armbars

Masters of Grappling DVD is a special collector series featuring tons of techniques, interviews and segments with some of the top Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts instructors and fighters in the world.

“Just got my Masters of Grappling DVD, and wanted to say it surpassed all expectations in both content and presentation. It was an eye opening experience.” Sy Nadji, Kaizen Human Performance

Even if you are a grappling expert or a complete beginner, there is always something new to learn. Discover never-before-seen footage and learn the awesome mixed martial arts skills which are taking the world by storm.

Produced by former Blitz Magazine editor Jeremy Ta’kody, Masters of Grappling DVD series Volume One features two double layered DVDs jam packed with OVER FIVE HOURS of footage with the likes of:

• Rigan Machado: world renowned 7th degree BJJ Blackbelt• Frank Shamrock: 5 time undefeated UFC Champion• John B. Will: Founder of BJJ Australia, co-founder of BJJ America, former silat world champion and BJJ pioneer• Paulo Guimaraes: Former world cup champ and second generation Rickson Gracie Black Belt• John “The Rev” Jensen: Former King of the Cage fighter and co-founder of Millenea Jiu Jitsu in Los Angeles• David Meyer: BJJ and JJJ master and competitor• Talgat Ilyasov and Kostya Ermakovich: Russian wrestling phenoms• Rodrogo Viera: Up and coming BJJ champ• Glenn Zwiers: Close Quarter Combat Guru whose training methods are so effective the Australian Government tried to ban them. • Many many others including some of the top competitors on the mat today.

“I have just seen the newly released Masters of Grappling DVD and have to say that it is tremendous value for money,” John B. Will, National Director BJJ Australia

You can buy MOG 1 now and receive loads of techniques, interviews and segments from the likes of…

Multiple BJJ champion Rigan Machado: Masters of Grappling Volume One features Rigan Machado, one of the five famed Machado brothers, multiple BJJ champion and 7th degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Rigan Machado is one of the highest ranked BJJ exponents in the world. In Masters of Grappling Volume One Rigan teaches some of his favourite techniques and gives you an in depth insight into his early influences growing up in Brazil, including his shocking inspiration to train with the late Rolls Gracie. Rigan will also teach you several devastating muscle locks and calf crushes to tap out your opponent. Look out for his cheeky Omaplata counter. You won’t believe it!

Five-time Ultimate Fighting Champion Frank Juarez Shamrock: Discover strength training and nutrition secrets with five-time Ultimate Fighting Champion Frank Juarez Shamrock. Unleash your full potential to gain weight, lose weight or build powerful muscle mass. Frank is regarded as one of the greatest martial artists of all time, and you can benefit from the Living Legend of Martial Arts himself.

King of the Cage veteran John ‘The Rev’ Jensen: Learn the secrets of leg-locks and knee-bars from King of the Cage veteran John ‘The Rev’ Jensen, co-founder of the legendary Millennia Jiu Jitsu Academy in Los Angeles, USA. The Rev is renowned for teaching and applying some of the most technical leg and foot locks known to man, and he will show you how to become a foot-locking fiend in this extensive segment. This material alone would be worth the cost of the entire DVD, but you get this segment, and all the others for the measly price of one DVD. You can watch The Rev accidentally crunch a BJJ black belts knee while demonstrating some of his patented leg bar ‘voodoo’.

BJJ pioneer John B. Will & Jiu Jitsu phenom David Meyer: Study arm-bars with BJJ pioneer John B. Will and Jiu Jitsu phenom David Meyer, two of the Machado brothers top instructors. John Will is one of the first 12 non-Brazilian black belts in the world and co-ordinates one of the largest Jiu Jitsu organizations outside of Brazil. He has featured in countless magazine covers, feature articles and regularly trains and teaches the worlds elite, including special law enforcement, intelligence agencies and elite military personnel. Sharing the spotlight is David Meyer, one of the top master competitors from the USA, third degree BJJ black belt and also a highly experienced instructor of Japanese Jiu Jitsu. This segment covers the fundamental concepts of securing arm-bars against your toughest competitors. In addition don’t miss John Will’s recollection of how he met Rigan Machado and later followed Rigan to Brazil over fifteen years ago. Priceless!

Chief instructor under the legendary W. Hock Hockheim – Glenn Zwiers: Now you can perfect brutal Close Quarter Combat street fighting techniques with Glenn Zwiers, chief instructor under the legendary W. Hock Hockheim. Close Quarter Combat utilises some of the most effective street fighting methods known to man, and this segment is a take-no-prisoners look at what it takes to survive in the street. Neck-twists, head-stomps, finger dislocations and ground-and-pound techniques. This segment has it all. People were hurt filming this feature, so it is definitely not for the feint hearted.

Second generation Rickson Gracie Black Belt, Prof. Paulo Guimaraes: As if that’s more than enough, learn fast finishing techniques and sneaky tactics from second generation Rickson Gracie Black Belt, Prof. Paulo Guimaraes. Paulo is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion and one of the most charismatic and technical instructors you could meet. In this segment he shows you how to quickly finish your opponent from several different angles. Get the edge over your training partners with some of these sneaky finishing moves.

Brazilian Brown Belt Champion Rodrigo Viera: Watch Brazilian Brown Belt Champion Rodrigo Viera rolling around with Prof. Paulo Guimaraes, demonstrating some of the moves, sweeps and escapes which have made him one of Brazil’s top up-and-coming competitors. Rodrigo Viera is making waves in both BJJ and MMA. Discover why he is one of Paulo Guimaraes’ top students.

Two of the world’s top freestyle wrestlers, Talgat Ilyasov & Kostya Ermakovich: To top it all off, study Russian wrestling leg attacks with Talgat Ilyasov and Kostya Ermakovich, two of the world’s top freestyle wrestlers. Discover the fundamentals of takedowns, including multiple variations and detailed application. Talgat Ilyasov is one of Australia’s most sought after wrestlers and instructors, and is regarded as one of the top six wrestling competitors in the world. Not only that, but takedowns are one of the most fundamental components of MMA or sport Jiu Jitsu, and you can learn from the experts in this awesome segment. Look out for when Kostya does a belly-to-belly suplex to Talgat on normal mats. These guys are crazy!

“Outstanding presentation and quality. Bargain at the price. A MUST HAVE!” Fari Salievski, Korean Combat Hapkido

Finally learn another twenty Jiu Jitsu moves currently used by competitors and athletes, including favourite techniques from:

Former BJJ Blue Belt world Champ, now lethal purple belt fighter, Andrew Gorton. Jiu Jitsu phenom and all round bad boy Joss Richardson. Multiple BJJ Champ and brown belt demon Murray Ballenden. BJJ Blue Belt World Champ, Phillipa Katonavualiku. Long time Shootfighting instructor and Jiu Jitsu brown belt Cameron Rowe. Former BJJ Blue Belt World Champ, now dynamic Purple belt, David Obrien.

“The story of how John Will met Rigan Machado is well worth the cost of the entire DVD!” Adam Stanecki, Fluid Fitness Personal Training

“Over five hours! Do yourself a favour and get a copy.” Cameron Rowe, Dominance Jiu Jitsu

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