Matt Serra Grappling Highlights

Matt Serra

Matt Serra should be included on the list of American pioneers of Jiu Jitsu. He is Renzo Gracie’s FIRST American Black belt and although he sport BJJ / Sub Grappling career was short, he trained in the era there wasn’t as fine of a line between sport and fight. But aside from being among the first, how good was Matt Serra actually? Some thoughts on him, as well as some great highlight footage of Matt you probably haven’t seen.

Portions of this clip were from OTM’s original VHS release American Penetration. I’ve wanted to share this clip for a long time, but due to us knowing nothing about Copyright for a long time (think Napster era) YouTube always flagged this every time I published this. Not that anyone needs a reminder on how good Matt was, but I wanted to show his roots in Jiu Jitsu.

A lot of you may know that of a certain era i probably have the largest original content library around. Aside from simply uploading and sharing I really want to be able to highlight the careers of certain fighters and competitors that I think paved the way for all of us and make sure they aren’t forgotten. I have a number of big projects in the works, so please check out this video and subscribe to my channel so I can bring more content like this!

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