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Dear Friends, Last Wednesday the Athlete Mauricio Shogun made a surgery in his left knee, an ACL (anterior crusade ligament) surgery. Doctor Mario Namba, Doctor Chief of the Brazilian Gymnastic Confederation, that already took care of Wanderlei Silva and Daine dos Santos (Gymnastic World Champion) was the responsible for the surgery made at the Hospital Vita in Curitiba. Dr. Mario Namba comments: ” The surgery was a success, I’m following Mauricio for the last few months and this problem was identified before his last fight, as a professional he decided to keep his agreement to fight and I respect that, he’s young and very strong, I’m sure that his recovery will be fast and he will be ready to fight again very soon”. Mauricio Shogun words: ” I know about my mistakes in the fight against Forrest, I will never use this surgery as an excuse for my lost, I have all the responsibility for the bad result, now I just want to look for the future, I would like to thank all my fans that are supporting me in this difficult moment and I promise you all that I will be back better than ever, I know that I lost the first battle but not the “war” for the UFC belt.” Best regards, Julio Heller OBS: In the picture with his wife Renata.

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