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In the world of MMA, there has been many famous teams to be produced from Brazil. None so feared and known as the CHUTE BOXE team. In the world of MMA, there has been many famous teams to be produced from Brazil. None so feared and known as the CHUTE BOXE team. Chute Boxe is the deadly combination of Muay Thai and BJJ and produced such legendary fighters as Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio Shogun, Andre Dida and more! Unfortunately the team suffered a split with most of the more known fighers departing to train elsewhere. A group of the departed members are now training together and have formed a new team named “UDL” which translates to Universidade De Luta. With members Shogun, Ninja, Dida and more to arrive, there has been a lot of talk as to the future of this team. I recently spoke with the teams coach, Mauricio Veio, fresh from a long stay in Toronto where he taught as a representative of Chute Boxe. Now Mauricio is back in brazil, helping the with the new team and looking forward to the future. Mauricio taught at TorontoBJJ and was even able to teach Muay Thai techniques as well as train BJJ with the legendary Ribeiro brothers (Saulo/Xande). To those who have met or trained with Mauricio, it is easy to identify his genuine passion for teaching, not to be fooled by his ferociousness in the ring as well! Mauricio, a veteran of the Fury Fighting and Storm Samurai events in Brasil, gives OTM a some brief insight into his background nd the future of the UDL!

Baleia-Mauricio, thank you for taking this opportunity to speak with us. First, please introduce yourself to the readers of OTM. Speak about your training in the past, as well as your fight career.

MV-I thank you,for this opportunity. I was an athlete from Chute Boxe for 15 years, had 13 MMA fights (vale-tudo) and 8 Muay thai fights.

BALEIA-Mauricio, you were recently in Toronto as a Chute Boxe representative, can you tell us a little about that and how was it moving from Curitiba to Canada

MV-My time in Canada was great! I was very well treated.. I loved to work with the Canadians for they were hard workers and very smart people I only have good things to talk about then.

The came back to Brazil was great, my family is always there for me and I got the chance to work with great names such as Ninja, Shogun and my brother Andre Dida. We have a strong relationship and I am a big fan of then.

BALEIA-During your stay in Toronto, you actually had a chance to train and teach the Ribeiro brothers (Saulo/Xande) how was that and how did it differ from the jiu-jitsu training you had in the past?

MV-It was very Cool, they are just genius in this sport ,We exchanged a lot of knowledge , I learned fundamental details when it comes to jui-jitsu in MMA.

Saulo has a very good vision and Xandy has a enormous potential to be one of the number 1 in MMA.

I was very surprised with his rapid learning and the difference between him and other athletes, his technique is exact and clear.

I was very happy to exchange knowledge with then and I hope to keep in contact with then in future.

BALEIA-Where are you currently training and teaching and who are the people who are with you?

MV-We are building a training center with a cage and a ring the place is the size of a soccer field. Alejo Morales is one of our physical trainer who trained the Cuba league for 17 years he has lot of information in this area. He is already making a big difference.

We are with a big team who’s strong point is muay thai, because we are all black belts but we are training all styles.

About names I think it’s better if I don’t announce names yet, only the ones have already announced which are shogun, Ninja and my brother Andre Dida

BALEIA-Why in your opinion was there a departure of the main fighters from Chute Boxe?

MV-The own problems which is not right for me to talk about and for sure the own evolution of the atletes.

BALEIA-Do you think that there is a chance that the Chute Boxe team will come back together with all of the original members or do you think that it is over?

MV-I am sure this possibly doesn’t exist, for they have very strong personalities and will not come back on their words.

BALEIA-Tell us about your new team and what are the plans for it

MV-We are all family and they have a huge degree of professionalism. Ninja is a fantastic fighter with a lot of experience. Shogun is a genius when it comes to fighting and my brother Andre Didas is a warrior. Our mission is for the achievement of the big belt in the events that we are fighting in; we are working very hard for that.

BALEIA-Is there anyone you would like to thank for your success in the fight game?

MV-I can not forget to thank my old master Rafael Cordeiro who taught me everything.

I would like thank God specially, my family and the people that are in my side.

I would like to thank empresario Joshua Rapport from Toronto BJJ who always believed in my work

The name of our new team is “UNIVERSIDADE DA LUTA” (UDL)

and of course thank you FIGHT PLANET you will see a lot more from me, God Bless!

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