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On Tuesday, November 28th students of Memphis Judo &Jiu-Jitsu and its affiliates gathered to recognizestudents of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and SubmissionWrestling by awarding belt ranking to those who hadmet the qualifications and criteria for promotion.Those criteria included skill and knowledge oftechniques, hard work and dedication in training,consistency in training as well as time spent intraining. Students were evaluated and approved forpromotion by our head instructor World Champion andBrazilian Top Team blackbelt Adriano Nasal.

Photos of the belt promotion are now up on our Just go to “photos” / “main menu”/ “academy pics” / “2006 Nov 28 belt promotion”

Thanks to Mike Ostrowski for taking the photos andthanks to Jeff Presley for putting them up on thewebsite.


Purple Belt

Jason Turnage

Mark Romano

Chris Gates

Blue Belt

Erik Maryniw

Courtney Smith

Bill Matthews

Matt Van Cleve

Glen Opie

Devere Hawkins

Blake Bobbitt

Phillip Germany

Michael Adcock

Michael Hunter

Amy Word

Blake Pierce

Tim Moore

Aubrey Hill

Jason Wilson

Matt Bullwinkle

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