Metamoris 4 Results

Metamoris 4 Results

Metamoris 4 went off without a hitch this past weekend and some of the results came out as expected while others had some surprising finishes. From top to bottom the card showed that this type of grappling event can be something to entertain the masses, and with rumors about a potential signing with Zuffa’s UFC Fight Pass network this event may lead to that signing being all that smoother. So, lets take a look from top to bottom on how it all shook down this past weekend.

While Australian Kit Dale’s involvement in the event was in question a week before the event everything was eventually smoother out and he faced off with rising grappling star Garry Tonon who has been running through his competition as of late. Unfortunately for Dale, this event was no different. In one of the fastest finishes of the night, Tonon was able to secure a guillotine choke in a scramble and forced a tap from Dale just minutes into the match.

In one of the only Gi grappling matches of the night, Saulo Ribeiro faced off against Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros in an entertaining match that eventually ended in a draw. The two traded back and forth on the ground for top control. It was not the most fast paced match but showed what two high level grapplers can do when facing off against one another.

In one of the most anticipated matches of the night, Keenan Cornelius took on former TUF finalist and UFC fighter Vinny Magalhaes. A lot of people did not know what to expect in this match with Cornelius being at the height of his career and Magalhaes having been more involved in his MMA career as of late. While it seemed that Cornelius was in charge for most of the bout as he attempted multiple submissions, it was Magalhaes who played it up for the crowd by smiling and wagging his fingers as those submissions were applied. The bout ultimately ended in a draw.

In the “secret match” that took place on the card had metamoris announced Jeff Glover facing off against grappling legend Baret Yoshida. This was one of the most fast paced matches of the event with both competitors looking to finish from all angles. Neither were able to secure a finish but they both attacked nearly every limb and appendage possible over the twenty minute match.

At the end of the day, the two main fight on the card did not disappoint. Dean Lister has been a stalwart of Metamoris having competed on multiple of the first three cards. His consistency lead to a match for a Heavyweight grappling title against famed catch wrestler and former UFC Heavyweight champion Josh Barnett. Unfortunately for Lister, he was never able to gain control in this match. Barnett used his size and wrestling to grab control and never let go. That control eventually lead to Barnett being able to lock in a submission with only 16 seconds left which lead to  title win and more importantly lead to the first time lister had been tapped in over 15 years.

In the main event, Chael Sonnen stood against his pending fines from his failed drug test and the threat of more action against him by the NSAC. Of course, the match broke down like everyone thought. Sonnen shot for takedowns, which he completed, and fought from Galvao’s guard having a hard time passing. The end came after the 10 minute mark where Galvao was able to secure a body triangle and from Sonnen’s back was able to submit him with a rear naked choke, and despite Sonnen’s legal problems he put on a show which everyone could enjoy. For that he has to be respected and maybe his popularity ill lead to more Metamoris events in the months to come.

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