Metamoris 6 Review: Barnett vs. Gracie

Metamoris 6 Review

Metamoris 6 Review gives you the low down on what happened this weekend at one of the highest level of grappling events. How many matches had submissions?

Metamoris 6 Review

Metamoris 6 Review will ask the question of whether or not this format of BJJ events work. As a fan, it can be very hard to watch these fights as there is no fire or reason for the fighters to try to go for submission since if they can last for 20 minutes they will attain a draw. There is no extra prize money for a finish, no refs decision or points system. So, how are there supposed to be story lines about wins and losses, like any sport, without winners and losers. People watch sports to root for peopleĀ or teams, so this type of event may never capture the attention of more the BJJ community.

Metamoris 6 Review: Where does it go from here?

Also, it was a weird decision to not have fans or media at the event, but that may be more due to the fact to cut cost since they could hold it a gym instead of an arena. Still the event went off without too many problems.

The first match of the night had a few replacements which ended up having Evandro Nunes facing off with Jimmy Friedrich to a draw. In math two, Clark Gracie faced off with Roberto Satoshi in a high energy fight that still ended in a draw. The other Gi match had Xande Ribeiro face off with Keenan Cornelius. Cornelius seemed to put up the biggest fight, but still it was a draw.

In one of the only finishes of the night, Dillon Danis faced off with UFC veteran Joe Lauzon. Danis pulled off multiple submissions leading up to the barbo choke that finished it. Next, Chael Sonnen played the waiting game with Babalu Sobral to finish with a draw. He made the match slow and plodding with continual passing to half guard led many not to care about this match too much. Lastly, Barnett used his 60 pound plus weight advantage to bully late replacement Ryron Gracie around the mat. Eventually he was able to capture a toe-hold submission, but one has to wonder if this would have been possible without the size advantage.

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