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I know that most of you don’t enjoy reading long emails, so I condensed this one as much as possible. There is so much to tell you……

My Brother, Ricardo Migliarese, and I will be featured inMMA World Wide Magazine (issue #4 -July 14th, 2007 and issue #5 -Sept 11, 2007 ) in an article called, “Growing Up Gracie”. In the Article, I talk about the “old days” of training, before the UFC, the “Gracie Challenge”…and much more.(You will laugh when you see the picture of us as kids)

Also, we will be featured in the lesson section of Tapout Magazine (issue #20 Aug 13). Rick will be showing his “Broken Butterfly Position”, a unique position that he created as a result of an unfortunate knee injury. I will be demonstrating the “Yoga Hook”, a sneaky way to take the back and submit.

We’re in MMA Word wide & Tapout Magazines!-MMA Word wide #4 -July 14th, 2007- (Growing Up Gracie article-Part 1)Cover Article

-Tapout Magazine #20 -Aug 13th, 2007- (In the Lessons Page)(Rick/Phil Migliarese show “The Yoga Hook” & “Broken Butterfly Guard”)

-MMA Word wide #5 -Sept 11, 2007- (Growing Up Gracie article-Part 2)

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Phil Migliarese Seminar TourDublin, Ireland – June 23rd, 2007–> Click Here for More infoSyracuse , NY July 14th, 2007 –> Email Ken For InfoTampa, FL August 4th, 2007–> More info call 813-333-9439

Balance Black Belt PromotionCongratulations to my dear Friend and Student, Marco Perazzo, on achieving the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. (Check out all the Promotion Pics here)

Watch Frank Edgar in UFC 73 (July 7, 2007)Frank Edgar is by far the most energetic UFC fighter that I have ever seen. He is also a learning machine, open to new ideas to expand his game. Frank has been working out with the top Purple, Brown and Black Belts here at Balance Studios to prepare for his upcoming fight with BJJ Black Belt, Mark Bocek.

Videos”The Migliarese Armbar”http://balancestudios.net/video/Matrix_Mig_ArmBar.htm

Yoga For Fighters Video for your iPOD!!!!!!!!!!!http://www.yogaforfighters.com/

Wow, I know that was long……thanks for reading,

Phil Migliarese”The Jiu-Jitsu Matrix”

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