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Recently, I headed down to Richmond, VA to check out Mission Submission 2. I had a chance to go to their first tournament and it was a blast so I decided to do it again! The second time around did not disappoint. It looked like the number of competitors were slightly down this time, but I think this was due to them having a MMA show after the tournament on the previous show.

I was really surprised how smooth the tournament ran, I weighed in the night before, grappled in the Pro Division by 11:30 and I think the whole tournament was done by 4:30 and not for a lack of competitors. Overall it was a great tournament and I would definitely go again. This is the portion of the write up were I would normally say how everybody did but I actually competed in this tournament so I asked the promoter Mike Moses to give a quick write up about the tournament.

“The second Mission Submission took place Dec8th in Richmond VA. Richmond has become the Mecca for grappling with schools that represent teams like- Revolution, Machado, Lloyd Irvin, Pedro Sauer in all parts of the Capital city of Virginia. Having a tournament is only going to bring out some tough and great matches.

The second Mission Submission brought out some of the best competitors in the area as well as some from outside the area.

What makes the Mission Submission different is the competitors are given prizes and awards for fastest and most submissions. The competitors are also being tracked and a database of their submissions are being created with 2008 bringing around a new ranking system based on their submissions during the matches.

The highlight of the weekend was the pro divisions with Wilson Reis, Bruce Hoyer, Val Worthington and Evelyn Royer were some of the top names that showed up for the cash prizes that was put up by Hay Maker Gear(www.haymakergear.com), Zebra Mats (www.zebramats.com) and your MMA Doctor( yourmmadoctor.com). The women’s division was action’ packed with Val ending up in the finals with the #1 rated women’s grappler in the country. Evelyn Royer has been training for only 2 years but has risen to the top in that short time. Val showed that Evelyn has a little more to learn submitting her in the Match at around 4 minute mark.

The Pro men’s had a lot of great matches with the finals ending up with Bruce Hoyer who flew in from South Dakota and Wilson Reis who is based in Philadelphia. Wilson ended up winning on points in an action packed match that showed some acrobatic skill. You can check both these action packed matches at http://www.missionsubmission.tv/media.html

Our sport has gotten so big now that there is a tournament almost every weekend, but very few like Mission Submission. It is fast becoming known as the competitors’ tournament. See you in 2008!”

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