MMA event Saturday 12. November 05


World Profi thinking ahead, and following the international evolution in Martial Art’s world, proudly announces that in the European Kick Boxing Championship in Greece on November of 2005, Mixed Martial Arts type fights will take place as well in the competition program.

The MMA event will take place at Saturday 12 of November 2005.

Because it is the first time that this kind of games is organized, it is given a lot of attention in the matter of athlete’s safety.

The rules especially for this first event will be extremely strict so to determine the level as “amateur” only.

I hope we shall form a very good image so these wonderful games will be established and continue growing in quality and quantity.

After the end of this event, I believe that useful conclusions will come up, of all kinds, and some new rules will be presented and two new categories will be added, more professional. That means fewer restrictions that concern hard competition for upcoming shows. I wish you will participate with athletes too start establishing the most growing full contact Martial Arts style in our days.

The use of the terms MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) I suppose is the most suitable for lots of reasons; describes precisely the style as well as gives the right image to the spectators. Several similar terms such as, free fight, vale tudo, no-holds-barred, extreme fighting, cage fighting, octagon, no rules fighting, total fighting etc etc. I feel that are past and they have given a wrong impression for the sport to the world, in certain cases.

In the other hand, MMA as a describing term (but also as a set of very carefully chosen rules), have been accepted by many athletic commissions around the world. That leads to the direct recognition as a very safe and popular sport.

With athletic regards,

Dimitrios GletzakosOrganizer and Supervisor of MMA section of World Profi

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