MMA Expo NEWSFLASH ~ More pro-MMA Fighters Onboard

Momentum for Mixed Martial Arts Expo continues to grow. The event now boasts 70 world-class instructors featuring 200 seminars for martial artists of all styles – adults and youth.

While I can’t list all of our latest additions, for those interested in the pro-MMA side I can tell you that we now have the following UFC, TKO and PRIDE fighters and coaches providing hands-on seminars. Imagine having the opportunity to get a weekend full of techniques and personal instruction directly from these outstanding MMA pros. Awesome.

* Carlos Newton – Special Certificate Seminar Available * Dan Severn – Special Certificate Seminar Available * Jeff Joslin * Mark Hominick * Nabil Khatib * Shah Franco * Shawn Tomkins

It was also confirmed on Friday that separate from the 600,000 Show Guides that will be inserted in the Toronto SUN on May 9, The SUN’s editorial department is electing to run a full page feature story on Mixed Martial Arts Expo in their LifeStyle section promoting the value of martial arts to everyone – men, women and youth. Great coverage and a real benefit to all martial arts schools in Ontario.

Mixed Martial Arts Expo is now THE largest martial arts training event in North America.Don’t miss out! Early Booking Discounts are about to expire!Sign up today at

And you won’t want to miss FlashPoint! ~ full-contact Muay Thai fights on Saturday evening. Tickets also available online at

We are working very hard to ensure MMA Expo 2006 is another roaring success. Please help us achieve this goal by taking a moment now to forward this e-mail to all your martial arts colleagues. They’ll be very disappointed if they miss this event.

See you at the show!

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