MRI – Things are only looking worse now.

I made it to back to the hospital, the same place where I had to go to the emergency room. The same place no one wanted to do an MRI on me, because I wasn’t hurt bad enough? But here I am, back again.  MRI is always a fun experience, slid into the tunnel that feels the way a coffin must. I just close my eyes and listen to the loud buzzing and clicking.

After I got the MRI, I had to go see two doctors: one a sports medicine orthopedic and one is a neurologist specializing in the spine and brain. The first Dr. was pretty cool. He at least tried to answer my questions and wasn’t like take these drugs, have a good life.

The Dr. told me I have 3 discs in bad shape. 2 are ruptured between L3-L4 and L4-L5, both are leaking fluid and pressing on my spine. But the big problem is the L5-S1 disc. This disc is torn apart and has a lip that looks like a tongue. The tongue is pressing down in to my spinal nerve cord. Both doctors think this is what is causing my left leg to be numb, tingling, and the nerves not being able to fire.

Both doctors seem to think I need to have that disc piece cut off and removed, so it will stop pressing on my nerves. Neither of them will give me any guaranty that this will bring my foot back to life, but they think it will. Man, sometimes I think these guys just want to do something to you just to get paid. 

It is really hard to tell which of these doctors are blue belts and which are black belts. Reading up online doesn’t seem to help much. I’ll be going to see a few more doctors. I’m going to go see a chiro and a spinal decompression place.

Going to go see Dr. Pete, who works on all the top fighters too. –

More to come, but for now just a freezing cold foot that hurts like hell!!

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