My NEW Favorite Gi

Hate to turn into a shill, but I’m honestly extremely excited my personal gi has been released to the general public:

The OTM Medieval Gi (Scotty came up with the name, not me, lol) in my mind is the perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality.

To be honest, gi preferences are a largely individual thing. Different brands will fit you in different ways, some people prefer a heftier gi, some people prefer a lighter gi. This one fits me like a glove, and I tend to prefer the lighterweight gis. The collar is just the right thickness (I DON’T like them to be as think as possible), in short I move around in this gi like it was a second skin.

Style wise…look at it and make your own opinion, but I happen to think this is among the most handsome gis on the market. Lots of cool and unique styling touches, and at the same time we left the most important are (the back) blank for your own logos and sponsorships.

I’ve had my gi for almost six months now, and although I have a pretty large rotation of gis to go through so any one gi has less abuse, this gi still looks brand new to me. It’s my go too gi for both my toughest training and competition, as well as my photo op gi.

Check them out, they come in both white and blue!

OTM Medievel gi

Also in Blue!

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