My Return To The Cage

At my recent BJJ & Grappling event "AZ Desert Challenge" I came across a gentleman named Robert Biggs. We met each other in the center of the mat to shake hands and grapple. I was scared and excited about going against him. He’s been a local hero of mine for quite some time now.


He tried forcing a guliten choke to start things off. I pulled gaurd and set up for a triangle. The amount of strength he had was ridiculous. For a moment I forgot that all I needed was proper technique with leverage to execute my favorite triangle choke hold.


It felt like I had him in a triangle for 2 – 3 minutes lol. I had difficulty pushing his arm to the side to pull his head down. Somehow I lost my footing and we scrambled to get dominent position. I believe he got side mount 1st then mount. (**I’ll post the video later**)


He ended up getting an arm triangle (kata gatame) from mount. He squezzend with all his might. It did not have the desired effect he had wanted (My Submission). I felt the bones in my neck pop and crackle lol. All I had to do was relax til he gassed out …. which he did or just went for something else.


Somehow I escaped then we went for another scramble then pulled him in gaurd. Then the time ran out. It was rather dissapointing because I was having fun lol. I enjoy those type of matches.


So you have somewhat of a prelude to why im making this post.


Lately I’ve been getting the desire to compete in MMA once more. The animal inside has been ressurected thanks to Robert Biggs. I received a message  from Mr. Biggs, I believe a day after our match through OTM. He invited me to train at his school Blue Collar Fighter. He wants to help me achieve one of my goals which is to be the next ADCC World Champion in Grappling.


I was a lil hesitant at 1st but I realized God puts events in front of us for a reason. I accepted his offer & I will be training over there next week due to prior commitments. I recently vollunteered to help out at The Women Of Faith event here in Phoenix, AZ thats this friday 10/1/10.


So much has changed since my last MMA bout in october of 09.

KOTC I believe Donald Sanchez is still the champion.

In the WEC Urijah Faber is no longer the man to beat its Jose Aldo.

In UFC BJ Penn is no longer the man to beat its Frankie Edgar.


All I need is to get on one of those cards then the belts will belong to me. I believe its my time to become a World Champion.

ADCC World trials are next month

NAGA World Jiu-Jitsu Championships are in December.

In late December or 2011 I will be crowned the new KOTC or WEC or UFC World Champion!

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