NABJJ Tournament Pictures

My pictures are up from the NABJJ Tournament, held in Redondo Beach on September 9-10. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it on Sunday, so my gallery only includes the purple belts, brown belts and black belts.

Here are the results of the black belt matches:

Black Belt Adult – (18 – 29 years)

Under 181:1st Sergio Lourenco- Gracie Tijuca- Cesar Gracie2nd Mike Fowler- Lloyd Irvin3rd Frederico Sabattini- Fight Factory3rd Rodrigo Texeira- Rodrigo Texeira BJJ

Over 181:1st Roberto Camargo- Gracie Barra2nd Marcio Cruz- Gracie Barra3rd Vinicius Magalhaes- Gracie Tijuca- Cesar Gracie

Black Belt Master – (30 years old and up)

Feather:1st Dale Frank- Caique BJJ

Light:1st Johnny Ramirez- New Breed-Revolution2nd Dale Frank- Caique BJJ

Open:1st Ronald Assuncao- No Limits2nd Dale Frank- Caique JJ

Complete results can be found here:

Photo galleries are here:

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