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NAGA Hawaii9/21/02September 21, 2002 – The NAGA hosted its 3rd annual Hawaii State Grappling Championship. The event boasted over 160 submission grapplers, who made the journey from all over the Hawaiian Islands.

Thanks to the support of almost every team in Hawaii, this was the largest mixed grappling contest Hawaii has ever seen to date.

Competitors grappled with exceptional skill, tenacity, and camaraderie in over 50 divisions. At the end of the day it was clear to all that Hawaiian competitors can stand with any in the world.

The event was accented by a 4-man professional tournament featuring some of Hawaii`s best fighters. The 4-Man originally scheduled to be an 8-man event was cut back when several of the fighters had to withdraw. Baret Yoshida, 2000 NAGA Superfight Champion had fought in a MMA event a few days earlier and was unable to compete, Steve Hordiniski from Team Relson Gracie injured his knee training for this competition and Bruno Edwlad decided to coach his team of 8 fighters and also helped to referee.

Round 1 Ron Juhn vs. Anthony Torres

Ron Juhn, Chief Instructor of the 808 Fight Factory definitely was theaggressor in his 1st round match against Anthony Torress from Grappling Unlimited. After several take down attempts from Juhn, Torres was able to get Juhn`s back and sink in a rear naked choke at the 5 minute mark.

Round 1 Joao Morais vs. Ronn Shirika

This was by far the closest match of the day. Both fighters set an aggressive pace for the fight. With Shirika obtaining a clean takedown. Morais regained an aggressive guard, attempting some sweeps. In a normal NAGA match this fight would have went to overtime however in Superfight competition overtimes are not allowed. Again a close decision for Shikira.


Anthony Torres vs. Ronn Shirika

Another close match that ended in a decisive takedown by Shirika. Shirika took home the Championship Belt.



1st Place – Relson Gracie 246 2nd Place – 808 Fight Factory 69 3rd Place – Nova Uniao 48 4th Place – North Shore BJJ 42 5th Place – Grappling Unlimited 24 6th Place – Kamole 19 7th Place – Luis Hereida 19 8th Place – HMC 18 9th Place – Longman 18 10th Place – Freestyle 17 11th Place – Impact 15 11th Place – JKD Unlimited 15 13th Place – Jesus is Lord 12 14th Place – Kodenkan 9 15th Place – Spectrum 5 15th Place – Home Grown 5 17th Place – Scott Judo 3 18th Place – Bulls Pen 2



1st Place – Relson Gracie 138 2nd Place – 808 Fight Factory 62 3rd Place – Grappling Unlimited 24 4th Place – Northshore BJJ 22 5th Place – Nova Uniao 20 6th Place – Kamole 19 7th Place – Impact 16 8th Place – JKD Unlimited 15 9th Place – Jesus is Lord 12 10th Place – Kodenkan 9 11th Place – Longman 8 12th Place – Freestyle 7 12th Place – HMC 7

Honorable mention: Spectrum, Scott Judo, Home Grown & Bulls Pen



1st Place – Relson Gracie 105 2nd Place – Nova Uniao 28 3rd Place – North S+B22hore BJJ 20 4th Place – Luis Hereida 19 5th Place – HMC 11 6th Place – Freestyle 10 6th Place – Longman 10 8th Place – 808 Fight Factory 7 9th Place – Home Grown 3 10th Place – Spectrum 2

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