Nathan Mendelsohn’s American BJJ Player Blog: American Nationals Silver at Weight and Bronze in Absolute

 Hey guys!!


This past weekend I traveled down to LA to compete at the IBJJF American Nationals and I came back with a Silver medal in my weight class and a bronze in the absolute. In my weight category I defeated Brian Morizi of Atos JJ, a tough competitor that I have fought against twice before as a purple belt and seen competing for a long time, by two points in the first match and then went on to lose the final match to Paul Schon of Alliance. In the absolute I defeated a tough heavyweight competitor from Gracie Barra by armbar from the top mount in the first match and then lost to Manuel Diaz of Gracie Fighter in the semi-finals.

At this tournament it was the same story for me as it has been in multiple competitions this year where I feel like I am physically and technically prepared to take gold in both my weight class and absolute but I am being held back by making some subtle but very important mental errors during my matches. I am going to focus extensively on my mental game before the upcoming US Open and hope to come back stronger than ever in San Jose next month!

I am having some technical difficulties with the camera I used this weekend in LA but I should have a highlight of my matches up soon!!

Stay tuned for this week’s Technique of the Week as well!!

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