Nathan Mendelsohn’s American BJJ Player Blog: Awesome Training Session with Rodolfo Vieira and Joao Gabriel Rocha!

 hey guys! 

Monday night I was surprised to find out that my friend and multiple time world champ Rodolfo Vieira was coming to visit Soul Fighters for a No Gi training session! He and Joao Gabriel Rocha have been training a lot together to get ready for the upcoming ADCC and me and everyone else at training on Monday night did our best to help them out! Both Rodolfo and Joao have spent time at my house in Santa Cruz, CA and I’ve spent time at both of their homes here in Brazil so it was awesome to get to train with the two beasts both in the same training session. Both of them were training like madmen, staying in the middle for multiple rounds of takedowns as everyone filed in off the wall to take a shot at the two champs. Then they did match after match of normal sparring, finishing with a knock down drag out match between each other which was killer to watch. I look forward to learning more from these two awesome friends and training partners!! 

Stay Tuned Osssss

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