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I’m here on the Friday of the pan ams getting ready to head down to LA and feeling really well prepared thanks to the awesome training I was fortunate to get leading up to the event! The last couple of weeks I have had the privelage of training with many high level black belts including world champions Leandro Lo and Caio Terra, and other top competitors such as Augusto Quexinho, Carlos Melo, Mike Weaver Samir Chantre, Rafael Formiga, Marcus Antelante and Diogo Moreno! I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in Caio’s training camp for the tournament on top of the always tough training at my home academy of Claudio Franca Santa Cruz and the mats over the last couple of weeks have been as full of baddass competitors as any in the world! The atmosphere has also been perfect for training with everyone in good spirits and helping each other to improve. Leandro is one of the most humble champions I’ve ever met in my life and he has helped my game immensely. Marcus Antelante is a good friend of mine who has put me up in his house in Brazil and He, Formiga and Queixinho have all stayed at mine in Santa Cruz. Diogo Moreno is also a good friend who helped me get my video game fix in by playing PS3 with him at his house after training in Brazil during some of my trips there. It was great to have so many friends together on the mat all pushing each other toward accomplishing our shared goal of being this year’s Pan Champions!! I’m really looking forward to the competition this weekend and to getting the opportunity to train with all of these champions again soon!!



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