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 Hey guys!!


This past weekend I traveled out to Las Vegas for the IBJJF Open and after two tough fights I came back with the Gold!! Traveling with me was my good friend and house mate instructor Pedro Falbo of GFTEAM who also came home with Gold in the Senior 1 black belt lightweight division, my student Sebastian Villanueva who also took first place in the juvenile blue belt featherweight division, Amir Mahboobi who took third place in the purple belt lightweight division and of course my girlfriend Sarah. We stayed at the Wyn and after the tournament we enjoyed Vegas, going out to Club XS and seeing Calvin Harris perform on Saturday night and then heading out to the Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday. Sunday night we trusted young Sebastian to drive us all home, seeing as he was the only one in condition to operate a motor vehicle.


Above is a short highlight of my two fights on the road to gold!! For those you checking out my technique of the week notice the use of Technique of the Week #1 in the first match!! ossss


Stay tuned!! 

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