Nathan Mendelsohn’s American BJJ Player Blog: Promoted to Black Belt!

 Hey everybody!!


I’m excited to announce that this past weekend I was given the honor of being promoted to the rank of Black Belt by my professor Claudio Franca!! At twenty two years old, this is a goal that I have been working towards since I started in BJJ nearly thirteen years ago and I am so happy to have finally achieved it! However, for me receiving the black belt is just the beginning and now its time to begin working over the next ten years that I have in my competitive prime toward my ultimate goal of becoming a legendary black belt champion!! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me along the way and who continue to support me today!! The list includes my Master Claudio Franca, my father and mother Rod and Jolene, Matt Slatter, Scott Nelson, Mike Roberts, Theodoro Canal, Paul Schreiner, Mike Weaver, Carlos Melo, Rafael Eboli, Garth Taylor, all of my training partners at Coalition 95 and many other people in my life who have made realizing this dream of mine possible for me along the way!!


Can’t Wait to begin my adventure as a black belt!!


Stay Tuned!!

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