Nathan Mendelsohn’s American BJJ Player Blog: Seminar at Soul Fighter’s!! Now back to the US!

 Hey guys!

Here’s the photo from the seminar I did on October 1st at the Soul Fighters Headquarters at the Delfim Boxing Academy in Rio de Janeiro! I was honored to be asked to do a seminar in such a respected academy. I went to Rio to learn Jiu-Jitsu in the sport’s homeland and ended up being asked to teach some of what I know so I was honored and very grateful for the opportunity. It was my first ever seminar and it was in portuguese instead of english so it was a very interesting experience! I showed a bunch of variations of the guard passes I like to do in training and competition, my most high percentage moves, and it seemed like everyone in attendance was really stoked! Hopefully they were able to work what I showed into their own games!

Thank you so much to Leandro Tatu Escobar, Charles Denach and Alexandre Salgado for the opportunity!!

Stay Tuned Osssssss

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