Nathan Mendelsohn’s American BJJ Player Blog: Vid of my Match with Michael Langhi at World’s 2013!

 Hey guys!


I had an awesome experience at this year’s World Championship. My first match was against Michael Langhi of Alliance, multiple time world champ and number 2 in the world at lightweight, and even though I lost I came away feeling really good about it because it was a really close match coming down to only a single advantage point! Check out the video of the match above and here’s the link to an article on graciemag where they name my match as one of the best matches to fly under the radar this year:


Fighting so well with one of my hero’s and idols has given me even more confidence than ever and even more drive to continue improving! I was also very impressed with Langhi’s humility, he is a true champ and an example as an athlete and a person!!


Stay Tuned!! Osssssss

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