New DVDs! XFGear! Cryogel! Sinister!

Loads of New Products in OTM Shop!Loads of New Products in OTM Shop!

Continuing our quest to bring you the best products for all of your fight related needs, OTM is proud to update our inventory with the following manufacturers.

First of all we’ve teamed up with XFGear to bring their high quality line of rashguards, shorts, and more! American made, XFGear is the future of fight gear manufacturers with the firm belief that Fight Gear should be Fight Gear, not just clothing that has its main purpose and design for other sports or hobbies. All of XFGEar’s products are made with the newest materials in the athletic clothing market. They are the perfect blend of strength, technology and style. XFGear has spent years perfecting our printing processes to give you something this market has never seen before. Our printing processes are completely original and only offered through XFGear, there is nothing like it.

OTM is now carrying the full line of Cryogel Pain relieving gels. Your Sport has evolved, shouldn’t your pain relieving products? Until now your choices have been limited to other pain relieving products that offered an unpleasant medicine aroma. Cryogel® is the ONLY product anywhere to offer you a choice of 3 different scents in both the Tubes and Roll-on formulas.Cryogel® has been designed with your sport in mind. Not only does Cryogel immediately start to bring a cooling effect to the affected area but, also triggers the healing process through the large number of anti-inflammatories such as Arnica, Witch Hazel, Menthol, Camphor and MSM which is also used for Cryogels® delivery system.

We’ve added a few new DVDs to our collection as well, including Pangea Fight: The Beginning and the new Renato Tavares Instructional!

OTM has also updated out catalog to include the very latest and greatest Sinister Brand Product. The hottest fashion in the fight world or on the streets today!

Finally, some old favorites are back in stock, like Eddie Bravo’s Twister. Pick up a copy, along with the official 10th Planet Academy Shirt.

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