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The Arizona Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu State Championship 2007 was held in Mesa,Arizona on June 23rd,2007. The Event was sponsored by Soyo Group Inc., Orion Fight Gear, Fight Ground Magazine, Knockout Graphics, Custom T-shirt Warehouse, and Arizona State BJJ Federation. The tournament had 270 competitors, who came from Nevada, California, Texa, Utah, Colorado and of course Arizona.

The tournament had three Black Belt Super Fights: Alberto Crane (New Mexico BJJ) defeated Jack McVicker (Megaton/IN) by one advantage. Marcos Torregrosa (Cassio Werneck/CA) defeated Jared Vanderzyl (Yuma BJJ) by Armbar and, Dustin Simmons (Megaton/AZ) defeated Peter Han (Wander Braga/CA) by referee decision (2×2 advantages).

Arizona State Championship 2007

The standouts of the tournament were: In the brown belt, Hocine Bourouba (Megaton) won the feather weight. In the purple belt, Brad Peterson (Megaton) took first in the heavy weight division and, took home the award of fastest submission (10 seconds). Paul Kelly (Gracie Barra A.V.) and Steve Heilman (Gustavo Dantas/AZCS) respectively won the Blue Belt/Light and White/Middle weight division. Even though both competitors belong to the senior division, they had great performances winning adult divisions.

Special Thanks to the Referees: Robson Moura, Megaton, Kazeka Muniz, Steve Rosenberg and Chris Lopez.

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Adult Team Results

1st place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS (94 points)

2nd place – Megaton (51 points)

3rd place – Relson Gracie (29 points)

Kids Division Correction az_state_logo

My apologies to the Team Relson Gracie who won the kids divison. The results that we announced before were: New Mexico BJJ (first), BJJ Revolution (second) and Relson Gracie (third). Here are the updated results:

Kids Team Results

1st place – Relson Gracie (36 points)

2nd place – New Mexico BJJ (31 points)

3rd place – BJJ Revolution (25 points)

Prizes tv

Quinn Mulhen (New Mexico BJJ) took home the first place medal (Purple/middle) and a Soyo 37″ LCD TV, which was raffled between the winners of all divisions.

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