No-Gi Worlds Black Belt finals Update from Los Angeles!

photo: Tanquinho Mendes defends JT Torres’ single leg in the semi finals. Photo by Christie Sullivan


No-Gi Worlds Black Belt finals Update from Los Angeles!

Just got in from No-Gi worlds last night– photographed and watched the black belt matches from 9am through the evening finals. Also interviewed, with the help of my friend and Ralph Gracie Black belt Greggie Marcel Rivera, most of the black belt division winners from the Championship tournament. Enjoy and look for the interviews we did…Scotty, edit and post soon 🙂 Here is a run down of hours of matches fellas! 



In the Adult Black belt divisions there were a few surprises in the semis and fiery wins in the finals.


In the Light final, favored Lucas Lepri (Alliance) fought back after being down 2 points from a judo throw from the Soul Fighter Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes, Lepri took the back of Tanquinho and finished with the mata leon.


The Middle weight division held some of the most exciting match ups and surprises in the semi finals. Gilbert “Durinho” Burns defeated Checkmat star, Lucas Leite in the semi finals by way of a relentless armbar to move on to the finals. The two men, who did triumph through to the battle for gold, were favorites, Gilbert “Durinho” Burns (Atos JJ) and Tiago Gomes Alves (Barbosa JJ). Tiago had no answer for Durinho’s takedown and 50/50 guard. Durinho put on another of his signature tight arm bars, Alves worked hard to escape, but Burns kept attacking and pulled Tiago into his closed guard and finished with a guillotine.


In Light Heavy, The Avengers fighter, Pablo Popovich defeated Daniel Moraes (Relson Gracie) from a clean double leg takedown, Moraes stood up and Popovich was able to jump to his back and walk away with a 6 point win and another championship.


Rafael Lovato edged Flavio “Cachorrinho” Almeida of Gracie Barra in the semi finals and then Roberto “Tussa” Alencar in the finals to win the Heavy weight division.


Joao Assis and Marcos “Buchecha” of Checkmat took the top two slots at Super Heavy. While “Cyborg” quickly planted a knee on neck on David Hertzog to finish with a choke he said he has been using and perfecting.


Caio Terra and Gracie Fighter teammate Samir Chantre Dahas, decide to “roll” and not bow out to one another in the light feather weight finals. Terra comes out on top with points, and the two decide to share the gold.


The feather winner was newly promoted black belt, American Justin Rader (Ribeiro JJ) over Carlos Holanda (Checkmat BJJ) by points. Rader is a student and training partner to instructor, Lovato, the 2010 champion at heavy weight.


The women black belt divisions was a familiar pack. Leticia Ribeiro faced Sofia Amarante in the light feather division. Leticia shot for a double leg and Amarante pulled guard while putting on a tight d’arce choke, but Leticia was able to escape and take the win on points. Her women’s teammate, Beatriz Mesquita won the light division with an arm bar on Michelle Nicolini. Team Gracie Rio de Janeiro won the team trophy for the women’s division.


Yesterday, friend and Ralph Gracie Black belt and instructor “Greggie” Marcel Rivera and I got the chance to speak with many of the champions in the black belt division from the 2010 No-Gi World’s, look for them on the OTM site soon…some of those interviewed were: Rumulo Barral, Lucas Lepri, Rafael Lovato, Justin Rader, Leticia Ribeiro, and Mackenzie Dern.


-Greggie Marcel Rivera contributed to this story-


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