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Results from the No Limits Tournament, Irvine, CA, April 9-10, 2005

Saturday – Adult Beginners & Adult MastersSunday – Kids, Women, Adult Intermediate, Adult Advanced

Juvenile Middle:1st – Corey Williams (Shin GiDo)2nd – Anthony Espinosa (BTT Long Beach) Juvenile Open A:1st – Corey Williams (Shin GiDo)2nd – Giovanni Gomez (U.T.F.)3rd – Anthony Espinosa (BTT Long Beach) Juvenile Open B:1st – Elias Medley (EMA)2nd – Corey Williams (Shin GiDo)3rd – Anthony Espinosa (BTT Long Beach) Adult Intermediate Middle:1st – Joshua Swamidass (No Limits)2nd – Jason Manwell (Bakersfield BJJ)3rd – Paul Castaneda (No Limits)4th – Sergio Salcido (Bakersfield BJJ) Adult Intermediate Light Heavy:1st – Anthony Molina (Cassio Werneck)2nd – Afonso Aguilar (No Limits)3rd – Dustin Bortin (Roy Harris)4th – Fernando (Marcelo Cavalcanti) Adult Intermediate Open:1st – Anthony Molina (Cassio Werneck)2nd – Jason Manwell (Bakersfield BJJ)3rd – Joshua Swamidass (No Limits)4th – Sergio Salcido (Bakersfield BJJ) Superfight:Noah Tilles (New Breed BJJ) submitted Gunar Hinson (UTF Team Wildman) Adult Advanced Super Feather:1st – Bernardo Pitel (Joao Roque)2nd – Rafael Garcia (Machado) Adult Advanced Light:1st – Rani Yahya (Rickson Gracie)2nd – Rafael Garcia (Machado)3rd – Jeremy Geyoga (Gracie Barra)4th – Rick Screeton (K.O. Fitness) Adult Advanced Middle:1st – Adnan Yahya (Rickson Gracie)2nd – Hercio Teofilo (No Limits)3rd – Carlos Lopez (No Limits) Adult Advanced Open:1st – Givanildo Santana (No Limits)2nd – Fabio (No Limits)3rd – Hector Ramirez (No Limits)4th – Bernardo Pitel (Joao Roque)

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