November, 20th 2010 Belt Testing a Huge Success!

To date, November 20th was the largest testing group with 21 students being tested! Everyone worked very hard of the past 2 months leading up to the test! As part of this test, I promoted 4 new blue belt. It was a long and arduous test, everyone passed with flying colors, and everyone had a briliant performance! I couldn’t be prouder of this test group. We were also joined with my long time friend and training partner, Ruffhouse Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Jay Inciong and his family Jinky, Isabelle, and Jacob. Thank you for joining us and partaking in this very joyous occasion!

Results of the belt testing are as follows…

Johnathan Godinez: Brown Belt – 4 Stripes

John Trinh: Blue Belt – 4 Stripes

Adrian Egger: Blue Belt – 1 Stripe

Luke Hase: Orange Belt – 2 Stripes

Lisa Pages: Blue Belt

Chuong Son: Blue Belt

Marcos Rosales: Blue Belt

Tsui-Jen Cunanan: Blue Belt

Antoneil Klinge: White Belt – 4 Stripes

Steve Renner: White Belt – 4 Stripes

Duncan Robinson: White Belt – 4 Stripes

Bashir Saber: White Belt – 3 Stripes

Noberto Sablan: White Belt – 2 Stripes

Rob Martin: White Belt – 2 Stripes

Monika McDonald: White Belt – 2 Stripes

Rolando Clemente Jr: White Belt – 2 Stripes

Ray Martinez: White Belt – 1 Stripe

Glenn Pillar: White Belt – 1 Stripe

Wayne Tipton: White Belt – 1 Stripe

Paul De La Chesnaye: White Belt – 1 Stripe

Nick Yee: White Belt – 1 Stripe

Matt Oliver: White Belt – 1 Stripe

Congratulation to all! Again, I am so very proud of you all!

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