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PANCRASE 2007Americas Submission Wrestling Championship ResultsMarch 10th, 2007, Broomfield, Colorado USA350 combined competors, 4993 spectators ——————————————————————————————–Division 1: Men’s Beginner, Featherweight, under 140 lbs.1st Place: Cardell Webster (H.A.M.A.)2nd Place: Dominic Blanco (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Victor Almaral (H.A.M.A.)4th Place: Tony Miller (Gumm Mixed Martial Arts) Division 2: Men’s Beginner, Lightweight, 140 – 150 lbs. 1st Place: Sean Dohorty (Fuseboxe)2nd Place: David Clark (Fuseboxe)3rd Place: Patrick Sierra (Grappler’s Edge)4th Place: Zak Chavez Division 3: Men’s Beginner, Welterweight, 150 – 165 lbs.1st Place: Robert Donald (Easton BJJ)2nd Place: Edwin Bonayon (Glow Worms)3rd Place: Dale Weaver (Tool Shed)4th Place: Chris Duiker (Pancrase/Stars) Division 4. Men’s Beginner, Middleweight, 165 – 180 lbs.1st Place: Sam Ferrell (Fuseboxe) 2nd Place: Hanme Clark (Pancrase/Stars)3rd Place: Garrett Collier (Easton BJJ)4th Place: Nicholas Hopper (Easton BJJ) Division 5: Men’s Beginner, Light Heavyweight, 180 – 200 lbs.1st Place: Trey Harrington (H.A.M.A.)2nd Place: Ben Deanda (H.A.M.A.)3rd Place: Michael Sanchez (H.A.M.A.)4th Place: Mike Jacobs (Fuseboxe) Division 6: Men’s Beginner, Heavyweight, 200 – 220 lbs. 1st Place: Benito Morales (Grappler’s Edge)2nd Place: Jay Blass 3rd Place: Andy Ellquist (Pancrase/Stars)4th Place: Ramon Gomez (LA Boxing) Division 7: Men’s Beginner, Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.1st Place: Travis Whalen (I.M.A.)2nd Place: Travis McCarthy (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Ricky Phalay (Grappler’s Edge)4th Place: Robbie Turner (Grappler’s Edge) Division 8: Men’s Intermediate, Featherweight, under 140 lbs.1st Place: Michael Hresko (Easton BJJ)2nd Place: Leonard Snow (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Dustin Brown (Easton BJJ)4th Place: Alexander Liu (H.A.M.A.) Division 9: Men’s Intermediate, Lightweight, 140 – 150 lbs. 1st Place: Felipe Chavez (Jackson’s Martial Arts)2nd Place: Kevin Lucero (AWS)3rd Place: Howard Stratte (Fuseboxe)4th Place: Omar Gonzalez (Grapplers Edge) Division 10: Men’s Intermediate, Welterweight, 150 – 165 lbs.1st Place: Luke Holdroff (Glow Worms)2nd Place: Garrett Shrader (Z’s)3rd Place: Will Robinson (Grappler’s Edge)4th Place: Donald Cerrone Division 11: Men’s Intermediate, Middleweight, 165 – 180 lbs.1st Place: Robert Martinez (Art of War)2nd Place Jerome Martinez (Jackson’s Martial Arts)3rd Place: Samuel Rauch (Montana MMA)4th Place: Chase Hackett (Gumm MMA) Division 12: Men’s Intermediate, Light Heavyweight, 180 – 200 lbs.1st Place: Joshua Vialpando (Grappler’s Edge)2nd Place: Arom Starr-Pavl (Easton BJJ)3rd Place: Joe Trujillo (Grapplers Edge)4th Place: Mark Spoone (Delgado’s Martial arts) Division 13: Men’s Intermediate, Heavyweight, 200 – 220 lbs. Combined with Division 22 Division 14: Men’s Intermediate, Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.Combined with Division 23

Division 15: Women’s Beginner, Lightweight, under 120 lbs.Combined with Division 24

Division 17: Men’s Advanced Featherweight, under 140 lbs.1st Place: Jeff Sato (Grappler’s Edge)2nd Place: Luke Holwald (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Reggie Reyes (Grappler’s Edge) Division 18: Men’s Advanced Lightweight, 140 – 150 lbs.1st Place: Mario Correa (Easton BJJ)2nd Place: Freddie Aguilar (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Brian Wood (Next Level)4th Place: Eric Buck (Jackson’s Martial Art’s) Division 19: Men’s Advanced Welterweight, 150 – 165 lbs.1st Place: Chris Raeburn (Grappler’s Edge)2nd Place: Seth Bregman (CBJJ)3rd Place: Mike Barreras (Grappler’s Edge)4th Place: Andrew Price (Grappler’s Edge) Division 20: Men’s Advanced Middleweight, 165 – 180 lbs.1st Place: Keith Wilson (Tool Shed)2nd Place: Max Smith (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Robert Celani (H.A.M.A.)4th Place: Angelo Duarte (Grappler’s Edge) Division 21: Men’s Advanced Light Heavyweight, 180 – 200 lbs.1st Place: Nick Kline (Easton BJJ)2nd Place: Chaun Sims (Easton BJJ)3rd Place: Igor Cosic (H.A.M.A.)4th Place: George Andersch (Easton BJJ) Division 22: Men’s Advanced Heavyweight, 200 – 220 lbs.1st Place: Malcom Havens (Grappler’s Edge)2nd Place: Rocco Aliberti (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Joshua Kemper (Mile High Gracie Jiu-Jitsu)4th Place: Tom Pettus (Z’s Gym/Boulder BJJ)Division 23: Men’s Advanced Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.1st Place: Brandon Ruiz (Grappler’s Edge)2nd Place: Niles Watterson (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Nolan Lutrell (Grappler’s Edge)4th Place: Lucas Chaves (Grappler’s Edge) Division 24: Women’s Advanced Lightweight, under 120 lbs.1st Place: Bahar Shahidi (Grappler’s Edge)2nd Place: Rita Schecht (H.A.M.A.)3rd Place: Courtney Scheer (H.A.M.A.)4th Place: Dawn Hendry (Ken Caryl BBA)

Division 25: Women’s Advanced Middleweight, over 120 lbs.1st Place: Tori Adams (Tool Shed)2nd Place: Heidi Moore (Grappler’s Edge)3rd Place: Kindra Celani (H.A.M.A.)4th Place: Angie Poe (Grappler’s) Division 26: Women’s Absolute1st Place: Tori Adams (Tool Shed)2nd Place: Shelley Neally (Pancrase/Stars)3rd Place: Heidi Moore (Grappler’s Edge) Division 27: Men’s Absolute1st Place: Nick Kline (Easton BJJ)2nd Place: Sam Ranch 3rd Place: Chad Klingensmith4th Place: George Andersch (Easton BJJ) Division 28: Teen Boy’s Absolute1st Place: Brock Christensen (Tool Shed)2nd Place: Chance Weber (Zingano BJJ)3rd Place: Jim Soiland (Gumm BJJ) Jose Chavez Memorial Award:Awarded to martial artists who exhibit extraordinary warrior spirit and/or sportsmanship during competition.Recipient: Chris Duiker (Pancrase USA/Stars Training Center) Fifteen year-old Chris Duiker missed competing in the teen division through no fault of his own. He decided to compete in the men’s welterweight division and placed among the top four medalists.Congratulations Chris!!! Team Point Standings 01. Grappler’s Edge = 137 points02. Easton’s BJJ = 58 points03. Tool Shed = 42 points04. H.A.M.A. = 36 points05. Fuseboxe = 16 points06. Pancrase USA/Stars = 12 points 07. Jackson’s Martial Arts = 10 points08. Glow Worms = 08 points09. Colorado BJJ = 06points 09. Gumm MMA = 06 points10. Art of War = 05 points10. Institute of Martial Arts = 0510. Z’s Gym = 05 points 11. Next Level Martial Arts = 0411. Mile High Gracie Jiu-Jitsu = 0412. AWS = 0313. Ken Caryl BBA = 0213. Montana MMA = 0213. L.A. Boxing = 0114. Delgado’s = 01 Advanced/Absolute: 1st = 10, 2nd = 6, 3rd = 4, 4th = 2 Beginners/Intermediate: 1st = 5, 2nd = 3, 3rd = 2, 4th = 1 Event Officials:Tournament Director: Janel LarsenMaster of Ceremonies: Mr. Al PalloneProduction Coordinator:Sven BeanReferees: Ken Romero (Pancrase USA), Josh Meketuk (Pancrase USA), Tim Mills (World Karate, CO State Boxing Commission), Mike Alriz (Pancrase USA),Mauricio Zingano (Zingano Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Thiago Detanico (Grappler’s Edge)Records: Eric MortensenEvent Photographer: Kristy RoweCommissioners: W. HendricksCompeting Teams:Advantage Martial ArtsATA – FMAArt of WarAWSBrookover Aiki Jiu JitsuColorado BJJCore Martial ArtsDelgado’s Martial ArtsFive Rings Fight ClubFuseboxeGrappler’s EdgeGumm MMAH.A.M.A.Institute of Martial ArtsJackson’s Martial ArtsKen Caryl BBAKinney Jones MilitiaLA BoxingLoveland Martial ArtsMachado BJJ CO SpgsMontana MMAMile High Gracie Jiu-JitsuNext Level Martial ArtsPancrase USA/Stars Seattle Jiu JitsuThe KaiThree Amigo’sTKO’s Fight ClubTool ShedTri-Town BJJTwo for One Martial ArtsUSAF AcademyZingano BJJZ’s Gym8th Street Gym

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