Olivieri talks about great battle at Shooto Brasil

Felipe Olivieri was the greatest name at Shooto Brasil 16, last Saturday, in Rio de Janeiro. Olivieri defeated Bruno Carvalho in a amazing fight, and talk with us about his performance.




How was this fight?


I am very happy and I want to first thank God for putting good people around me. I wanted to also thank Johnny, Barão, Hernani, Pimpolho, Jair, Dedé and to master Luiz Alves who was certainly on my side. About the fight, I have no comment. My opponent is an exceptional striker, but I fought with heart and put it in my head that would not give up at any time.


You did great strikings standing and also did a hard fought battle. How was it?


It was a great fight. As I had said, he was an undefeated fighter and before I start fighting Muay Thai, he fought before. I really like his style, but on top of the ring is just me and him. Both have arms, legs and who worked more would emerge victorious. As God does not define the favorite, I think he blessed me today.


How is MMA, the ground game was the difference?


The floor ended up making a difference, but I put in my mind that at no time would give up of striking or to fight in the ground. I would act in accordance with the opportunities that the fight gave me. He came to striking and I accepted. Then he went to the floor and I responded.


What’s next goal?


More battles and blessings if God willing. I hope that the godfather, Luiz Alves, who is up there bless me again and that Dedé give me one more chance to fight.


How was your relationship with Luiz Alves. He left a legacy for all. Johnny, you, among others. Talks a bit about how the team was?


Luiz Alves left a beautiful legacy and showed great athletes. Everywhere in the world if you look you will find it a student or someone who trained with him. The Boxe Thai continues and now I’m training specifically with Johnny. I have nothing to say about Luiz Alves. He hosted at his academy, because I had no money to go home and so I slept there. I had no money for lunch and he helped me. Nobody knows this, but I came from Baixada and the academy is in Grajaú. He always helped me and I considered him as a father. I try to remember only good things about him.


Thank you. Congratulations for your victory!


Thank you and all the people who follow my fights. I try to do my best.

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