On And Off The Cuff: Horsin’ Around With Krazy Horse Bennett

Krazy, Man, Krazy: There is never a dull moment when Charles Bennett, aka “Krazy Horse,” is around. Moments after arriving late Thursday afternoon at the Rainbow Casino and Hotel in Vicksburg, Miss., “Krazy Horse” was asked by award-winning photog Tom Casino to pose in front of a hotel marquee that bore the names of Bennett and his opponent Saturday, Victor “Joe Boxer” Valenzuela, on it. Simple enough request, right? Well, “Krazy Horse” was not content to merely “pose” and within seconds had begun removing the letters of Valenzuela’s name. The forever law-abiding Casino teasingly warned Bennett that he had better “stop before we get locked up.” Dumb dee dumb dumb. Casino had barely finished his sentence when a man who had quietly been observing the proceedings from behind proclaimed, “I’m a constable.” Before you say here with go again with “Krazy Horse,” the law enforcement officer also identified himself as a co-promoter of Saturday’s fight card at Vicksburg Arena, So, after he was assured the letters would be returned in tact to the sign, the small group collectively took a deep breath and moved on. For another photo, “Krazy Horse” was asked to stand in front of the nearby Mississippi River Bridge. No way, he could wreak havoc there, right? Well, en route, “Krazy Horse” spotted the constable’s car. Casino asked him to pose by the auto. For effect, the constable handed “Krazy Horse” a pair of hand cuffs. But before the constable could warn him that he didn’t have a key, Bennett, perhaps instinctively, had clicked on the cuff to his right wrist. Uh oh. “Krazy Horse” was set to click on the other one, too, when he realized what the constable said. When asked if he thought the commission would let him fight with one cuff, “Krazy Horse” said jokingly, “I hope so but I don’t think that they will.” Returning to the hotel lobby, Casino saw EliteXC Live Events President, Gary Shaw seated at a table. “I have good and bad news for you,” said Casino to Shaw. “The good news is that I got great photos of Charles and the bad news is that he put a pair of hand cuffs on that we don’t have the keys for.” Shaw, understandably, was not exactly thrilled to hear what had happened to his popular EliteXC main event attraction, but the legendary MMA and boxing promoter breathed a huge sigh of relief once he was informed that another constable was headed their way with the keys. Fifteen minutes later, “Krazy Horse” Bennett was uncuffed — a free man, once again — and set to go Saturday against “Joe Boxer” in a highly anticipated grudge rematch MMA fans have been waiting for and talking about for two years. Their scheduled three, 5-minute rounds fight will be the featured attraction on ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series on SHOWTIME at 11 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast. “This guy has no idea what kind of beating he will be getting Saturday night,” Bennett said.

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