One Month Out from World Team Trials

LAS VEGAS – In exactly one month, the nation’s best Olympic-level wrestlers will travel to Las Vegas to compete in the United States Marine Corps U.S. World Team Trials at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

For two days, June 9-10, the top Olympic hopefuls in men’s freestyle, men’s Greco-Roman and women’s freestyle will compete for coveted spots on the 2007 U.S. World Team. In addition, Grappling, the new international wrestling style, will host its first World Team Trials on the mats at the Convention Center.

“The World Team Trials is the most important domestic event held annually, which determines who will represent the United States as the most important international event every year, the World Championships,” said Rich Bender, USA Wrestling Executive Director. “We are excited to bring the event to Las Vegas, which has long been a strong supporter of wrestling. There is still time for people to make plans to join us for this great event.”

“We are one month away from hosting one of the most prestigious wrestling competitions – the 2007 United States Marine Corps U.S. World Team Trials,” said Pat Christenson, president of Las Vegas Events. “Not only is it exciting, but it is an honor to host the world’s best wrestlers in Las Vegas for such a prominent event. We are confident that the athletes, coaches, officials and fans will have a memorable experience in Las Vegas, the most exciting city in the world.”

The field has been set in the three Olympic styles of wrestling for the United States Marine Corps U.S. World Team Trials, as the final qualifying event was completed this past weekend.

The United States Marine Corps U.S. World Team Trials will have the same format and will feature the same field of athletes who are expected to compete at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Wrestling, also set for Las Vegas in June of 2008. This format provides one of the most popular spectator events in wrestling, where athletes compete with great intensity to reach a lifelong goal of representing the United States in World or Olympic competition.

There are expected to be seven World or Olympic champions in the field, as well as 21 past World medalists competing in the Olympic styles at the World Team Trials.

Tickets remain available and can be purchased in three ways. There will be an All-Event price, which covers every session during the two days of action. There is a single-day All-Session price, for fans to attend every session on a specific day. There is also a Single Session ticket price. There are three seat location options, Gold, Silver and Bronze, with the Gold seats considered the most desirable.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 866-388-FANS or online

A FanFest will also be held, allowing all spectators and participants a chance to attend entertaining and educational clinics, as well as review exhibits from many wrestling vendors and organizations.

United States Marine Corps U.S. World Team Trials facts and figures:

• There are two days of competition, Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10. All four styles of wrestling will be contested each day (men’s freestyle, men’s Greco-Roman, women’s freestyle, Grappling)• Each weight class will be started and completed in one day. Therefore, there will be championship finals matches on both days of competition.• On Saturday, June 9, champions will be determined in 16 weight classes. They are Men’s freestyle (60 kg, 74 kg, 96 kg), Men’s Greco-Roman (55 kg, 74 kg, 84 kg, 120 kg), Women’s Freestyle (51 kg, 59 kg, 67 kg, 72 kg), Men’s Grappling (70 kg, 80 kg, 92 kg), Women’s Grappling (48 kg, 55 kg)• On Sunday, June 10, champions will be determined in 14 weight classes. They are Men’s freestyle (55 kg, 66 kg, 84 kg, 120 kg), Men’s Greco-Roman (60 kg, 66 kg, 96 kg), Women’s Freestyle (48 kg, 55 kg, 63 kg), Men’s Grappling (62 kg, 125 kg), Women’s Grappling (63 kg, 72 kg)• In the three Olympic styles of wrestling, this event will determine the 2007 U.S. World Team that will compete at the 2007 World Wrestling Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 17-23.• In Grappling, this event will determine the 2007 U.S. World Team that will compete at the 2007 World Wrestling Games in Antalya, Turkey, Sept. 7-9• The tournament for the Olympic styles of wrestling consists of a Challenge Tournament early in the day in each weight class, with a best-of-three Championship Finals Series at the conclusion of the day.• Fifteen of the 21 U.S. Nationals champions in the Olympic styles, based upon their past achievements, have earned the right to skip the Challenge Tournament and advance directly into the Championship Final Series.• All participants in the World Team Trials had to qualify in order to compete. In the Olympic styles, the field in each weight consists of the top seven placewinners from the 2007 U.S. Nationals, past World or Olympic Team members, medalists from international tournaments within the year and specific medalists from selected qualifying events.• A total of 232 athletes qualified to compete in the three Olympic styles. That breaks down to 85 men freestyle qualifiers, 77 men’s Greco-Roman qualifiers and 70 women’s freestyle qualifiers. (Usually, not all of the qualifiers choose to enter).• There are seven World or Champions expected in the field. They include:- 1998 World champion Sammie Henson (freestyle)- 1996 Olympic champion Kendall Cross (freestyle)- 2006 World champion Bill Zadick (freestyle)- 2006 World champion Joe Warren (Greco-Roman)- 2002 World champion Dremiel Byers (Greco-Roman)- 2000 and 2003 World champion Kristie Marano (women’s freestyle)- 2005 World champion Iris Smith (women’s freestyle)• There are 21 World or Olympic medalists expected to compete. Along with the gold medalists listed above, they include:- 2006 World silver medalist Mike Zadick (freestyle)- Two-time World medalist Cary Kolat (freestyle)- 2006 World bronze medalist Donny Pritzlaff (freestyle)- Two-time World medalist Joe Williams (freestyle)- 2005 World bronze medalist Tolly Thompson (freestyle)- 2006 World bronze medalist Lindsey Durlacher (Greco-Roman)- 2006 World bronze medalist Harry Lester (Greco-Roman)- 2005 World bronze medalist Justin Ruiz (Greco-Roman)- 2001 World silver medalist Stephanie Murata (women’s freestyle)- Four-time World and Olympic medalist Patricia Miranda (women’s freestyle)- 2003 World bronze medalist Jenny Wong (women’s freestyle)- Two-time World medalist Tina George (women’s freestyle)- Three-time World and Olympic medalist Sara McMann (women’s freestyle)- 2005 World bronze medalist Katie Downing (women’s freestyle)• There are 29 past or current NCAA Div. I champions who qualified to compete.

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