One Year down

One year down, three stripes on my belt and 37 pounds off my gut and my attitude about Heroes has not changed.  Gumby rocks and so does the rest of the staff, they keep you motivated and heading in the right direction.  My cardio has improved a great deal but I still feel I have a ways to go before I’m ready for a tournament.  But that’s my goal for this next year at Heroes, to start competing.  I wrestled competitively for many years and was involved in several School, College and Senior programs and I miss it a great deal.  Now that’s not to say I was good at it because I wasn’t, but that never stopped me from loving it and competing.


There is just something about direct competition that I have alays enjoyed.  One on one, true "mano a mano" you and an opponent, no excusses, no relying on others to assist you or boost you up.  Not like in team sports, the best football game I ever played we lost and the worst game I played we won.  In team sports you can put foreward no effort and still come away with a win, but in a grappling match if you put foreward no effort you loose.

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