Optimizing Your Training Potential With A New Tool

 Optimizing Your Training Potential With A New Tool

When honing your skills, it’s a must that you always work hard and embrace the grind of daily training.  However, no matter how focused you become on your art,  there is always a road block bound to pop up that will impose itself on your training schedule.

Simply put, life happens!  Something will occur where you can’t go to the gym; maybe work is getting too heavy, your car is in the shop, or you’re out of town.  With all the countless things that can stop you from training, it’s vital that a diehard Brazilian Jiu Jitsu addict always has options when it comes to training.

Luckily for my fellow grapplers out there, given the progression of the sport and it’s resources, there are new ways in which one can hone their craft where they go.

Ladies & gentlemen, say hello to the training dummy.

No Partner?  No Problem!

Sometimes the issues the pertain to training are not our own!  There could be times—where it’s either our independent partners or our gym—when people just can’t make it in to hit the mats!

Maybe it’s the Holidays, maybe it’s the weather, who knows, but this is no longer an excuse to not train.  Unlike many sports—basketball, baseball, boxing, soccer, etc.—to improve your BJJ skills, there is little you can do on your own.  Well, unless you have a training dummy.

Mimicking an actual human body and how they would physically act during a live roll, the dummies are a fantastic tool to have because they give you a chance to work on specific spots and moves that you would otherwise have issues hitting.

The Submission Master dummy allows you to develop that ever-so-important muscle memory without having to worry about going at a fast pace—you can do it at your own speed!

A positive about these dummies is the weight.  Unlike heavy bags or MMA training dummies, BJJ dummies are far lighter, allowing you to hit moves in proper succession, teaching you proper technique and form.

Sure it won’t teach you how to deal with your opponents top-heaviness, but that’s not the focal point; it’s all about form and function.

No More Excuses!

The beauty of having a training dummy is that your excuses become pointless, or at least shrink to a very minimal percentage.  With the exception of a serious, crippling injury, you have no reason as to why you can’t bust the dummy out and get to work.

And you know how you’ll hear someone hit you with the “I’m not feeling too good, I don’t want to get anyone sick,” line?  Well, there’s no need to worry about getting your dummy sick because, well, it isn’t human!

The upside to having a training dummy seems to be endless.  No matter how you slice it, you can be training anytime and anywhere.  The downside?  Well, there are few to none.

So what’s stopping you!?  Go out there and get yourself a training dummy; not now, but RIGHT NOW! Make sure and check out what I believe is the best grappling dummies on the market. Good luck with your training!

­-Dan Faggella

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