Our Very Own T.J. Cunanan, Ranked 9th in the World!

This is just a quick blurb out to every one. This is fantastic news! We just found out that Phoenix Combat Academy/Jay Pages Jiu-Jitsu’s own Tsui-Jen Cunanan was ranked #9 in the world according to the Womens MMA Amateur Rankings. This is a great and wonderful accomplishment for Tsui-Jen and Phoenix Combat Academy. She worked hard to get there trainers Jay Pages and Sunshine Fettkether will keep the momentum going! She’s only going to get better! To all sponsors and promoters, keep your eye out for her! Pick her up now! Sponsor her! Get her on your shows! You’ll soon be seeing her on the bigger stages! Strikeforce, KOTC, in Japan? Who knows. Just keep an eye out for here! Congratulations again!

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