Pablo “Weapon X” Popovitch builds his army, prepares for 2011

BJJC Fort Lauderdale

Green Belt

1. Andor Kovacs

2. Dan Wynn

3. Wendy Serra

4. Thomas Kim

5. Kevin kneller

6. Juan Perdono

7. Patrick waterhouse

8. Edward Gonzales

9. Brock aka Alexandre Camargo

10. Aaron Herndandez

11. George Kaoud

Blue Belt

1. Brett Anderson

2. Yvon Agenord

3. Joe Mizzone

4. Alex Arne

5. Alain Arne

Purple Belt

1. Danny Gurzenda

2. Chris Ajero

3. Ferdinand Fuentes

4. Ernnesto Rivera

5. Vitor Ferreira

6. Alfredo Lopez

7. Eric Hurtado

8. Mike Camba

9. Chris Thomas

10. Andres Duplat

11. Walter Coll

12. Renato Constantini

13. Justin Stern

14. Hakan Dilek

15. Gabriel Varela

Brown Belt

1. Michael Chong

2. Shawn Eager

3. Bill Weed

4. Michael Zannetti

5. David Banks

6. Robert Mccasuland

7. Daniel Rocha

8. John Vanbrakel

9. Scott Mcclure

10. Junior Vega

11. Jonathan Cole

Black Belt

1. Shannon Stiles

2.Michelle Ziegler

3.Paulo Kraush

BJJC Pembroke Pines

Green Belt

1. Antonio Altomiranda

2. Ariel Alvear

3. Bernard Mitchell

4. Cornell Whitehead

5. Jonathan Santana

6. Mike McLean

7. Nathan Simmons

8. Nick Mears

9. Oscar Orozco

10.Paul Silva

11.Ramsey Fernandez

12.Victor Ferran

Blue Belt

1. David Orsini

2. Johnny Points

3. Joseph Gabbara

4. Mauricio Reyes

5. Ruben Camposano

Purple Belt

1. Alex Gonzalez

2. Alfredo Vargas

3. Brandon Alvarez

4. Brian Ronay

5. Hamza Sohai

6. Jorge Alvarez

7. AJ Sousa



As if it wasnt enough to completly dominate the 2011 season and dispossing of all comers on the mats, winning countless tournaments this year,as well as taking out some world class competitors, and creating Avengers Jiu Jitsu, a new team with close friend and training partner, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. Pablo "Weapon X" Popovitch has been putting in countless hours at his school in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida teaching and grooming his current and future champions. This past saturday Master Pablo Popovitch held a belt ceremony like no other, promoting 4 brand new black belts, Fred Moncaio, Paulo Kraush, Shannon Stiles, and the Master’s 1st female black belt Michelle Ziegler! Also Joao Moncaio and Vagner Rocha recieved their 1st stripes as black belts. There were also 11 brown belts, 15 purple belts,5 blue belts, and 11 green belts. In addition, the general enlisted the help of head instructor at his academy in Pembroke Pines to do the same. Vagner "Ceara" Rocha, after submitting 4 of 5 opponents and securing his spot in the 2011 ADCC just a few weeks earlier returned and on December 4th also gave out some new belts of his own. He promoted12 green belts, 5 blue belts, and 7 purple belts. Looks like there will be plenty of standouts in 2011! Congratulations to all the students promoted and i wish you many future triumphs!

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