Pan Ams of Submission Grapplng June 3rd, 2006

The Pan American Championships are open to men, women and youth 5-17 years old. June 3rd, 2006 Long Beach, CA No-Gi Skill Levels: Novice: Less than 9 months Beginner: Nine months to 18 months Intermediate: 18 months to 3 years Advanced: More than 3 years Children/Teens: Beginner = Less than 12 months – Advanced = 12 months or greater Women: Beginner – Less than 12 months – Advanced – 12 months or greater Executive: 30-39 years – Beginner = Less than 12 months – Advanced = 12 months or greater Masters: Over 40 years – Beginner = Less than 12 months – Advanced = 12 months or greater The Pan Americans of Submission Grappling presents The "555" Team Challenge First Prize $1000 "Are you prepared for the unexpected?" The 555 Team Challenge is open to ANY and ALL registered competitors of the Pan Americans of Submission Grappling. In the 555 Team challenge, teams of 3 competitors will be formed that must weigh a combined total of 555 pounds (or under)*. Teams may have any combination of skills levels, sizes, or backgrounds, the only criteria is that the three team members must weigh in at 555 pounds combined (or less). Team applications will be available when checking in to register. Teams will list competitors in desired fight order. (Competitor 1, Competitor 2, Competitor 3). Teams will be matched EACH ROUND via random draw (selected matside). Teams will then match up based on order competitors signed up. (Competitor 1 from Team A fights Competitor 1 from Team B). The team which wins at least 2 out of three matches will advance to the next round; all three matches must be competed in per round or the teams will forfeit. After the first round, advancing teams will have the ability to change the order of competitors. Alternates may be made only in the event of an injury, the combined team weight must remain under 555 pounds. Teams will be randomly selected from the available pool EACH ROUND. Teams will continue advancing until only one team remains. In the case of an odd number of teams, the last (unpaired) team drawn will receive a bye. Matches will be 6 minutes in length using ADVANCED division rules. In addition, the team with the best theme and spirit (chants, uniforms, etc…) will be awarded a special price package courtesy of the OTM Fight Shop. With so many unknown variables, it’s truly going to take the most skilled team (along with a some luck) to win the "555" team challenge! This sure to be crazy and fun! Who’s going to win the "555" Team Challenge? Maybe you! More information available at *Official weights to be determined at Pan American weigh in times at either 1) Friday, June 2nd, 2006 between 10am-9pm at: OTM Fight Shop: 1010 Aviation Blvd, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 or 2) Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 by your divisions scheduled deadline time at the tournament location.

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