Physiotraining: The Road To Recovery

I have recently been nursing a shoulder injury for the past few weeks and it has hinderd my lifestyle quite a bit, having to go easy while training Jiu JItsu, not being able to train Muay Thai or even weight train! so i went to see a good friend of mine, founder of Physiotraning, Cristiane Barbosa-Timoteo. Cris has patented Physiotraining and is the only person i would trust with an injury as she has dedicated her efforts to helping people getting back to the things they love to do faster and more effiiciently as she already done for me once before when I streached my ACL and she had me back on the mat in 3 weeks without surgery! Cris incorporates some very unique and unconventional techniques with a vast knowledge of human anatomy to heal the injured body part! She was kind enough to take some time out of her busy to tell us a little more about Physiotraining:

Me: Many people are not familiar with Physiotraining. What is it?

Cris: Well the Patent states Physiotraining is: Providing assistance, personal training and physical fitness consultations  to individuals to help them make physical fitness, strength, conditioning, and exercise improvement on their daily living. Cris explains it a little different,  Its applying simple, effective techniques with ones body to either repair from injury or to maintain/strengthen the body and prevent injury.

Me: How long have you been doing Physiotraining?

Cris: Physiotraining was developed 4 years ago, but I’ve been a liscensed Physical Therapist for 10 years,

Me: How did Physiotraining come about?

Cris: Well after working for quite a while with older patients seeing so many of them with numerous injuries such as shoulder and knee injuries and i thought to myself, What if i could get to these people before they had these injuries and introduce them to these simple, effective techniques to help strengthen and condition their bodies while at the same time preventing new or further injuries. I also used it on myself to strengthen my shoulder after an injury that occured from picking up some of my older clients and that is how Physiotraining came to be.

Me: How can I find out more about Physiotraining?!

Cris: You can visit or Or you can come check out the new gym located at 12330 Sw 53rd street # 707 Cooper City Fl 33330

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