Pioneer UFC Champion Jens Pulver to Share Heart Wrenching Life Story in Landmark Documentary to Help Inspire Youth-at-risk.


 The Goodwill Tour kicks off this weekend with two screenings in the LA area and appears at the Beverly Hills Film Festival on Sunday.



Jens Pulver battled everyday to stay alive in severely violent physical abusive home. Then he fought everyday to become a 2 time UFC World Champion. Gregory Bayne’s documentary tells that story. Today, Jens Pulver still battles, not with his fists, but with his words and emotions that come straight from the heart. He travels the country teaching youth-at-risk that there is hope when you continually fight to make the positive choice. "If it is easy, it is usually wrong" he cautions kids who are teetering on the brink of criminal problems. He tells them about his brother who is serving a life sentence for drug dealing related crimes. "We both came from the same home. I’m no saint, but I made the tough choices, he just gave up, and gave in."


This Saturday, Jens, Gregory and actor Dylan Bruno who exec produced the documentary, are embarking on the first stops of a grassroots fundraising tour to benefit youth-at-risk programs. They partner with organizations, fly in and give live Q&A and use the screenings to raise money. "It’s amazing" says Coach Philip Koon of Black Mat MMA Foundation, a Whittier, CA based organization that teaches family values, self-respect and discipline through Mixed Martial Arts training. "To have Jens Pulver, who has such an inspirational life story speak with our kids… it’s enough they let us view it for free, but that they are actually donating money to OUR program… it is just a blessing. I can say no more." 


"We are seeing this unbelievable groundswell of interest from youth groups who want to partner with us, and we are doing everything we can to accommodate them" says Dylan Bruno.


"A viral populist movement has begun. I couldn’t fathom a better way to theatrically distribute this film, it has been powered by community every step of the way. We have created exponential opportunities for the film to be seen across the globe, while at the same time perhaps inciting some good in the world… rewarding beyond belief!" says director Gregory Bayne.


Please go to and search  GET DRIVEN to support the tour.

To watch the preview:


Screenings will be held:

April 8: 8 pm at West Coast Jiu Jitsu 2945 Los Olivos # 101 Oxnard, CA 93036-8919

April 9:  7 pm at TIGER TKD/MMA Academy at 12221 Industrial Ave in South Gate, CA  

April 10: Beverly Hills Film Festival






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