Podcast #105 Robert Drysdale, ADCC Absolute Division Champion

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www.thefightworkspodcast.com2007 was a huge year for our guest on this week’s edition of The FightWorks Podcast. Robert Drysdale’s year got off to an explosive start when he beat Marcelo Garcia in the absolute division of the prestigious Abu Dhabi grappling championship.

Not satisfied with submitting Garcia, who many consider to be the best pound-for-pound grappler in the world, Drysdale would go on to place second in the super heavyweight black belt division of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu world championship behind Roger Gracie. He also came in third place alongside Xande Ribeiro in the absolute division!

As with many elite Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitors, Drysdale intends to transition into mixed martial arts. Just last week it was announced that Drysdale has accepted the position as head coach of grappling at Randy Couture’s gym Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas.

In this interview we will talk about Drysdale’s origins in grappling, his unusual bi-cultural upbringing in Brazil and the United States, his plans for the future, and much more!

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