Podcast #108 David Mamet, Writer and Director of Redbelt

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www.thefightworkspodcast.comIf you’re a listener to the FightWorks Podcast there’s a good chance that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is your lifestyle. The phenomenon of BJJ affects people like us differently and can manifest itself in surprising ways. Some minority of the folks out there who cannot live without BJJ will be stricken by the BJJ muse and will begin producing BJJ content. Perhaps they write a book like Ed Beneville. If you’re me, you decide to start a podcast on the subject. If you’re the renowned author, playwright, and film director, David Mamet, you film a movie about BJJ.

Mamet, a purple belt in BJJ under Renato Magno, is our guest on the FightWorks Podcast today and we will discuss his upcoming film Redbelt which opens May 2nd in the United States in Los Angeles and New York and May 9th everywhere else in the USA. Click here to see the Redbelt trailer.

We will close our show with a segment of The Black Belt Corner, where we ask a BJJ black belt what their path from white belt to black belt was like, and what advice they have for others who are not black belts yet. Our guest for this edition of the Black Belt Corner is Carlos Machado, whose brother John Machado has a role in Redbelt.

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