Podcast #127 Olympic Judo, Tadeu, and MRSA

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First thing is first: safety. You guessed it – I am bringing up MRSA again. It was reported that a fellow grappler died of a drug-resistant staph infection this week. Seventeen year-old Noah Armendariz was a high school wrestler in Southern California. We will review some precautions and safety details that we should always keep in mind when training Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

In happier news, it’s time for the Olympics! While our favorite sport, BJJ, is not in the Olympics, its close cousin judo is! We will speak with Dave Williams, a lifelong judoka from San Jose who will be NBC’s commentator for judo in the 2008 Olympics, and Gumby from OnTheMat.com.

Thanks to questions submitted by the Mighty 600,000, we will hear about the athletes to watch out for, which countries are expected to do well, as well as what to watch for if you are not very knowledgeable about judo.

The third piece to the show this week is something I am very excited about: as mentioned Friday, our new contributor Colin Foster is an Englishman living in Rio de Janeiro. He has offered to help gather on-the-scene reporting on BJJ in Rio and this time around offers a profile of 42 year old Tadeu, a brown belt whose lot in life is not particularly replete however Tadeu goes to extraordinary lengths to train BJJ. We will meet Tadeu in the show today in audio, just before his competition in the International BJJ Masters & Seniors World Championship this weekend in Rio.

Not much time left in the FightWorks Podcast gi patch design contest! Remember all entries are due August 10th and you can enter as many times as you like!

Oh and one last thing – in the audio I refer to this week’s show as number #128. It’s really episode number #127. Blame it on a long work week!


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