Podcast #153 Black Belt David Jacobs Answers Listener Email

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www.thefightworkspodcast.comBrazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Dave Jacobs’ exposure to grappling began in childhood and launched him into NCAA wrestling during university. Eleven years ago he took the plunge into Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has never looked back since. Today Dave Jacobs is not only is a regular competitor at events like the Pan-Ams and Mundials, but he referees at them as well.

In this episode of our Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio show, we’re going to pepper Dave with questions from you, The Mighty 600,000! We’ll go over:

* Josh from Los Angeles asks for tips on improving one’s takedowns in jiu-jitsu * Franck from Los Angeles wants to know about how to train jiu-jitsu smarter as one gets older * Steve from Austin asks about handling defeat at the hands of a lower belt * Jon from Charlotte wonders about what you can do to keep sharp while out from BJJ due to injury * Ian from Michigan asks whether Helio Gracie’s passing will mean that jiu-jitsu will change or go in different directions

Another information-packed episode of our humble Brazilian jiu-jitsu podcast this time around. Don’t forget that we still have the gi patch photo contest underway! Entries must be provided to us by February 25th!

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