Podcast #49 GFC Fighter Phil Cardella Interview

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thefightworkspodcast.blogspot.com/Happy New Year to the 600,000 from The FightWorks Podcast, presented by On The Mat! If you weren’t aware already, this year is being referred to as “twenty aught savage” by people who are “radical”.

Phil Cardella is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Relson Gracie, and will be competing in the upcoming Gracie Fighting Championships on January 20th in Miami. Over the holidays I had the chance to train with Phil and hear about his preparation for his mixed martial arts fight against well known grappler Marcos Avellan. Our conversation makes up the bulk of this show, which sounds like it was powered by fifteen Red Bulls when you hear me talk.

Also worth mentioning is that from now on, that is, starting in twenty aught savage, The FightWorks Podcast will only be produced in mp3 format. Throughout 2006 (I don’t know the cool way to say “2006”) I received emails from folks asking me to provide an mp3 formatted file that people could listen to. The FightWorks Podcast is only possible because of you all, the 600,00, so we’ve made the change you requested most. This will make it easier for even more people to listen to and enjoy the show.


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