Podcast #86 Luis Heredia and Richie Hightower Interviews

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www.thefightworkspodcast.comOur feature interview this week is with Rickson Gracie black belt Luis “Limao” Heredia. As a purple belt, Heredia accompanied Rickson when he left Brazil to come to the United States and Heredia never looked back. Having trained alongside the Gracie brothers in the original garage in Los Angeles when they arrived, Heredia has made the move to Hawaii and now has a thriving school in Maui. We all know about the many benefits of Brazilian jiu-jitsu but I think you’ll agree that not many are as enthusiastic as Heredia about the positive rewards that BJJ has brought him. Luis tells us his story, including discussing what BJJ was like in the early days in Rio de Janeiro. Oh, and he also seems to believe that Rickson will be fighting in Japan soon, lending support to our story that Rickson plans to fight on New Years Eve.

Also in this episode, FightWorks Podcast correspondent Bruce Hoyer has a ten minute chat with Richie Hightower, who’s a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter Season 6 which began on SpikeTV on Wedesday. Hightower discusses his own origins in mixed martial arts, including his fight to bring his weight down from an all time high of 265 pounds. Hightower also shares information about where we’re likely to see his friend Ricco Rodriguez appear on television soon.

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