1994 Video Shows Pro Wrestler Hitman Works DLR and Deep Half Guard.

Pro Wrester Uses DRL Deep Half Guard

It seems the debate of Sport Vs Self Defense didn’t start with BJJ it goes all the way back to the 90s even in pro wrestling.

Seen at the 1994 Wrestling Challenge in an epic match between Bret “The Hitman” Hart & his brother, Owen Hart take on the brothers Scott & Rick Steiner.

At the 1:37 mark you can see Scott Steiner applies a knee lock to The Hitman who ends up in the DLR guard.  All though DLR guard is not a traditional wrestling position, The Hitman uses a very Jeff Gloverish deep half counter to escape and come back up to his feet.

How ever the skilled wrestler Scott Steiner wastes not time and putting The Hitman in a front headlock that The Hitman seems to have no technique to escape the simple head lock other than to power out.

The techniques of Sport BJJ and the lack of Self Defense BJJ Can be found everywhere. 🙂


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