Product review: Under-Gi Shorts

 Company:  UNDER-Gi

Product Model: Under- Gi Boxer/Brief

Weight: Less than 1 pound

Durability: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (10 being the best) Score: 10

Color: Black w/ Orange & White stitching

Shrinkage: Y/N yes how much – NO SHRINKAGE

Price: $19.00 @ 

Does it meet IBJJF regulations: Y/ N why not:    N/A

Size Chart: Normal waist size for men.

I received my Under- Gi shorts about two weeks ago & immediately opened the package left  to  train. I began wearing the shorts to jiu jitsu for the first week of testing. During this 1st week, I never felt that I was wearing under wear, the shorts fit well against my body, allowing unrestricted movement in all directions. During the second week of training, I decided to wear the shorts during my strength & conditioning training. While I was training I had noticed that the short were again very comfortable. The waist band is strong & durable, which kept the shorts on my hip during the session, unlike other brands of undershorts. With the ability to maneuver in all directions, I was able to complete my training without feeling concerned about fixing my under shorts. After my second week, I decided to wear the shorts during the Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championships. The night before, I stepped on the scale in full battle dress with my other brand under shorts and saw I was just on weight. I then decided to try my weight with under-gi shorts. My weight decreased 7 oz. For my fellow competitors out there, this is a great deal of weight when having to weight in. I highly recommend the shorts to everyone out there particularly to those in the jiu jitsu community. You will feel worlds better during your training.

Thank you to Mike & Under-Gi  for allowing me to conduct this review. Check out for updates on sales & new products. Also, be sure to check out, &


– Great Fit •Light weight- Great for running/ grappling/ strength-training


•I had no cons for this product.

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